We are all coping with one of the most traumatic events in Jewish history.
The crisis in Israel has only magnified the challenges of children and families living with illness and those suffering from unimaginable trauma.

Our MISSION has never been more critical.

With your help, the most vulnerable populations in Israel and around the world will receive vital services and support, including:

Relocating Families: Out of Harm’s Way: Safely moving Israeli families with children under active cancer treatment from high-risk areas.
Israel Crisis Line: Launching a dedicated helpline offering essential psychosocial support for English-speakers in Israel and worldwide.
Global Trauma Resources: Distributing trauma materials in multiple languages, providing psychological guidance to hundreds of thousands.
Expert-Led Interventions: Our professional team spearheads crisis interventions, trauma workshops, and consultations in Israel and abroad.
Rest & Relief: Offering respite for Chai Lifeline families with hospitalized children, parents in the IDF, and hospital staff.
Uninterrupted Care: Ensuring children's medical appointments and transportation needs continue amid the chaos.
Additional Assistance: Providing care packages, meals, and financial aid to families across Israel, whose medical journeys are exacerbated by the crisis.

For Chai Lifeline Israel Crisis Support and Trauma Resources visit www.chailifeline.org/israel.