MAZAL TOVMarc and Cheryl Zeffren on their Aliya.     Sarah Mandelbaum on her marriage to Zach Perl. Moshe Reiss on his marriage to Cani Schorr. Chaya Dembitzer on her marriage to Yoni Loffman. JJ Duchman on his marriage to Frumie Rosenfeld.     Sarah Natkin on her engagement to Michael Jemal. Esther Goldstein on her engagement to Shaya Dovid Heller. Ruchie Fried on her engagement to Shloimy Brukirer. Hadassah Herzka on her engagement to Pinny Fried. Feigy Finkelstein on her engagement. Frumie Weiss on her engagement to Eli friedman. Binyomin Wach on his engagement to Nechama Sochet. Jennifer Gutman on her engagement to Moshe Birnbaum. Lozi Liff on his engagement to Atara Sherman. Avi Rubin on his engagement to Miriam Solomon.     Chaim Becker on the birth of a boy. Mordy and Shana Jacob on the birth of a boy. Yoni & Odeya Burstyn on the birth of a son. Esti and Yitzchak Benoliel on the birth of a baby girl. Atara and Nachum Rekant on the birth of a baby boy.    
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