This year for alumni & staff
we're having our own reception at the gala
it's our time and space for meeting and catching up.
The alumni dessert reception will be on the 6th floor of the Marriott from 8:45-9:45.
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camp simcha appreciation award
Pediatric Neuro Oncology Program Coordinator
Westchester Medical Center
camp simcha appreciation award
Alumni chairs
COMMITTEE (in formation)
Yehuda Berko
Yoni Greenstein
Dr. Scott Moerdler
Yisroel Salamon
Nochum Wolf
Yudi Weinberg
Hindy Fink
Yael Fried
Sariyal (Gelbfish) Grossman
Rena (Hartman) Kutner
Tali (Reich) Feit
Penina (Feuerstein) Samet
Shoshana Yachnes

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