Meet Danielle

Meet Danielle

Ewing´s Sarcoma, a rare tumor typically found in bones, is a horrible cancer that robs children of their carefree attitudes and shatters their dreams.

In the fall of 2012, Danielle was diagnosed with this dreaded disease. Thanks to Chai Lifeline, she did not let it stop her. In fact, just a few weeks ago, she celebrated her 10th birthday at Camp Simcha.

Danielle’s attitude has been a key ingredient to her brave battle with cancer. Even though she was too ill to attend school daily, she often "popped in" so she could continue her studies whenever possible. Additionally, she is an avid artist who took part in Chai Lifeline´s numerous art-related programs. She was thrilled when Alyssa, her Chai Lifeline case manager, brought canvas and paints to her hospital room, allowing her to express her emotions in color and arrest the sadness that had taken hold since her diagnosis. Danielle has created magnificent artwork at Color My World art therapy workshops, and she´s looking forward to "Through the Eyes of Our Children – A Celebration of Expression" in October. (See below for information and then click to get your invitation.)

Chai Lifeline was there for Danielle´s entire family as well. They enjoyed Caring Cuisine meals at home and in the hospital, and her mother has attended our popular Seasons of Respite and Beauty from Within retreats. These "Mom days" are a needed escape from the rigors of caring for a sick child. Danielle’s mom made friends, relaxed, and basked in the support she received from her peers and Chai Lifeline´s professional staff. Danielle and her siblings were overjoyed to take part in our Chanukah Angels program that brings smiles not only to the Chai Lifeline kids and their siblings but also to the generous anonymous angels who joyfully "adopt" a Chai Lifeline child for Chanukah.

So what´s in store for Danielle? This young and vivacious girl is eagerly looking forward to going into the fifth grade this year and she´s ready for whatever life has in store!