Best Wishes, Elana

Best Wishes, Elana

Elana Bogoff, 14, who has grown up with Chai Lifeline Midwest, has been sorely missed since her recent move to L.A. Since her premature birth at 32 weeks, Chai Lifeline volunteers have been a constant presence in her life, helping her in countless ways and modeling the virtue of serving those in need.

Elana suffers from both physical and physiological problems, including severe hearing loss. Because of her experience living with these challenges and thanks to Chai Lifeline’s intervention, Elana plans to work as a sign language interpreter for hearing-impaired children.

Elana’s mother, Edie, explained at length the ways in which Chai Lifeline has been “life-saving, to say the least.” Her experience showcases the kind of support that Chai Lifeline Midwest provides for numerous families every year.

  • Crisis Intervention When Elana was born premature with numerous health issues, volunteers stepped in with simple acts of kindness, making a stressful time more manageable.
  • Day-to-Day Assistance: Chai Lifeline provided kosher meals and provided relief so that she could find time to shower or even for a walk.
  • Connections: As the years went on, volunteers facilitated connections with parents experiencing similar challenges.
  • Countless Volunteers: In the beginning, volunteers came over to play with her children so she could run errands, and in general were a valued extension of their family. Since she’s been older, volunteers are Elana’s friends and mentors providing her a busy social calendar.

Having so many volunteers involved in her life from day one means that “Elana has learned there are a lot of people who really care about you and want to take care of you, and she understands that’s a wonderful attribute to have,” Bogoff says.