Massage is a Healing Gift to Mothers

Massage is a Healing Gift to Mothers

For most mothers, finding an hour for total relaxation is a challenge. For a mother of a child affected by a serious illness, it’s nearly impossible. But Mielcah Allswang, a licensed massage therapist and Chai Lifeline volunteer, knows this is the exact kind of refuge a mother deserves. That’s why for the past three years she has offered free weekly massages to mothers of Chai Lifeline kids.

When a child is sick, moms don’t have time to think of themselves. There’s just too much else that has to get done every day,” said Allswang. “I relish this opportunity to give moms something just for them.”

When Mielcah started her business a few years ago, she wanted to use her talent for the greater good. She contacted Chai Lifeline, and a wonderful partnership was born. Although she juggles a hectic schedule as both a massage therapist and yoga teacher, she still values her weekly commitment to Chai Lifeline mothers.

“Many never could or would spend the money or time for a massage,” she noted. “This is no luxury. Massages are wonderful stress management therapy for people going through physical, mental or emotional pain. A massage gives a harried, overworked mother an hour to switch everything off and focus on herself.”

Ultimately, averred Allswang, a massage helps these mothers feel stronger, which allows them to give even more to their families. She knows she’s done her job well when a mom leaves her massage room smiling, relaxed, and ready to take on the world again.