Heard at the Retreat

Heard at the Retreat

It’s not just the big things about Chai Lifeline. It’s the little things also.

When my daughter was in treatment, we were in the (pediatric oncology) clinic every single every other week for two years. She stopped talking. She stopped walking.

But there was a silver lining for her. When we went to the clinic, her treat was Chai Lifeline. She knew the Chai Lifeline volunteers and our case manager. When they came, she would reach inside the bag for the special treat that they brought her, toys or chocolate or something sweet.

The visitors were there for me too. At one point I was having a very hard time. My husband was in Israel. It was very stressful. One day the volunteer came and she saw that I was having a difficult day. She didn’t leave. She stayed for an hour and a half. She said, "I can’t leave you when you feel like this."

Thatís what Chai Lifeline is.