At Chai Lifeline NJ, we'll do anything for our families.

Our team members help by providing professional case management services, crises intervention and medical advocacy. On top of that, we provide emotional support and social outlets like:

  • Providing respite for family members
  • Hosting a multitude of programs for children of all ages
  • Organizing daycare, after-school programs, and scheduling during vacation days
  • Offering a big brother/sister program for siblings, featuring homework assistance and peer support
  • Arranging classes, activities, and support groups for famliy members
  • Being consistently available through counseling, insurance advocacy, transportaion, financial and clinical support and beyond!

But right now, these programs happen in a range of locations. To get the relief Chai Lifeline offers, families confronting serious illness have to spend their days shuttling from place to place.

Chai Lifeline NJ's new headquarters will provide a center of stability for families impacted by illness and crisis.

By contributing to our new home, you can help give these families a single, centralized destination where every member of the family can find the services they need—along with a measure of relief, community, and normalcy.


Take a virtual tour to experience the magic that the center will offer:

Here's what our dream home will look like.

With your support, we'll be able to provide a wide range of new services to help keep families in crisis afloat.

Sibling After-School Program

Instead of returning from school to an empty or chaotic home, children whose parents are in the hospital will be greeted by caring, professional counselors to help them with homework and engage them in exciting activities.

Daycare Center

Toddlers and young children will be showered with love and care while their parents attend to their family's medical needs, confident that their little ones are happy and safe.

Counseling Center

Children and parents going through difficult medical journeys will receive private therapy or take part in a mom-to-mom support group conducted by certified mental health professionals in a serene and tranquil setting.

Aquatherapy Rooms

Children and parents facing medical challenges will find relief from the stress in their lives by escaping their turbulent worlds into the healing power of aquatherapy.


A space for children and parents to find relief from the stress in their lives by tapping into the proven healing powers of physical activity. Full-court basketball court, Separate bathroom & entrance, Soft play & jungle gym area.

Art Room

In this spacious, creative space, children will have the opportunity to bond with mentors and peers, express their creativity, and experience the healing powers of art.

Beis Medrash + Tutoring Center

Tutors and study resources at this learning center enable children and teens to thrive academically while facing their medical challenges.

Volunteer Training Space

Volunteers can receive their initial and ongoing training in this attractive conference room, at the same site where they can apply what they learn.

Case Management & Crisis and Trauma Support Center

As the cornerstone of Chai Lifeline's support for children and families, this is where case managers ensure that families' needs are met and crisis intervention specialists support families facing crisis or loss.

Therapy Rooms

Children and parents will benefit from a variety of therapy modalities—including play therapy, talk therapy, pet therapy, music therapy, and art therapy—that help them express their feelings, recover from emotional trauma, and build resilience.


The building's rooftop features an expansive 10,000 square feet of outdoor recreational space, offering our families an ideal space for relaxation and enjoyment. This versatile area can also be used to host Chai Lifeline events and support groups.

Imagine how this center will transform families' lives.

While my son Avi is getting treatment in the hospital, my children will have a safe, loving, joyful environment that they can go to daily after school. Knowing that they can comfortably do their homework, have a nutritious supper, and play with friends until I am able to pick them up means the world to me. The Chai Lifeline center of stability will provide an unparalleled level of support to our community, and be a game changer for me and my family.

-Shira S, Toms River

With your help, we can build a dream home for our Chai Lifeline NJ family.

Our capacity to help will increase exponentially with the proper space and facilities.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Why Jackson?

It's perfectly situated.

The property is on the way to and from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia This allows families to access vital services on their way to and from the hospital.

It's a growing community.

Jackson is home to a huge number of frum families with young children. Studies project that Jackson will have the highest concentration of young families in New Jersey within the next 20 years.

It's centrally located.

Jackson is accessible to families in neighboring communities. The property is right off the I-95, giving families living in Central and North Jersey easy access to the center.

To learn more about this project and how you can get involved, please call or email:

Chaviva Sochet

Chai Lifeline Campaign Manager

848-329-2181 [email protected]



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Chai Lifeline NJ provides emotional, social, and financial support to over 1,000 families impacted by pediatric illness. Our goal is to bring joy, hope, and comfort to children and their families during the toughest times in their lives.