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Drawing Date: September 1, 2015

Winners can be viewed below.

Prize #



Prize 1

One Million Mega Miles

Isaac Ashkenazi

Prize 2

Choice of Timeless Watches

Ralph Harary

Prize 3

$5,000 Gift Certificate to Grand Sterling Co.

Nochum Katlowitz

Prize 4

Walt Disney World Family of Fun for Four

Tzippora Daneshrad

Prize 5

$3,000 New York Shopping Spree

Rebecca Wolf

Prize 6

The Total Computer Package

Isaac Ashkenazi

Prize 7

Tegra-Lite Tumi Luggage Ensemble

Aliza Siegel

Prize 8

$2,600 Gift Certificate to Silver Spoons

Olivia Ben-Zur

Prize 9

$1,800 Shopping Spree to Brenda´s

Yael Shelby

Prize 10

Schottenstein English Edition Talmud

Rebecca Wolf

Prize 11

Beautiful 14K Gold and Diamond Bracelet

Rachel Schapiro

Prize 12

$1,800 Pot of Gold

Helen Beyda

Prize 13

Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM Mon Monogram

Olivia Ben-Zur

Prize 14

Diamond Stud Earrings

Hadassah Rubin

Prize 15

Weekly Shabbat Flowers

Rebecca Wolf

Prize 16

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 All-In-One Stroller

Steve Weinreb

Prize 17

Ruti Horn Calf-Haired Bag

Elisheva Gantz

Prize 18

128 GB1 Ipad Air 2

Linda March

Prize 19

Complimentary Manicures and Pedicures

Yitzchok Profesorke

Prize 20

Choice of Popular Game Consoles

Israel Horowitz

Prize 21

Playmobil Collection

Moshe Schneider

Prize 22

Apple Watch

Henry Yigdal

Prize 23

$500 Gift Certificate to American Girl

Elisha Blechner

Prize 24

$500 Gift Certificate to Your Choice

Mark Press

Prize 25

$500 Gift Certificate to Zicci Bea Bedding

Hadassah Rubin