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Boro Park / Kletzky Tragedy

As we all suffer from the terrible tragedy that occurred with Leiby Kletzky, a"h, Chai Lifeline is offering assistance available to the whole community.

These symposia address the Hashkafik approach to crisis, understanding the process of trauma within ourselves and our children, and practical suggestions for safety in the future.

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Divrei Chizuk
Kosover Rebbe, Shlita Listen

Harav Yechiel Meir Katz, Dziboi Rebbe, Shlita Listen
Rav of Tefilah L'Moshe in Montreal.

Rabbi Moshe Tuviah Lieff, Shlita Listen
Rav, Agudah of Avenue L

Rebbetzin Leah Horowitz Listen
Rebetzin Telz Minyon, Wife of Rosh Yeshiva Bais Meir,
Mechaneches Bais Yaakov Seminary

Helping Yourself and Your Child Cope With Tragedy
Dr. Norman Blumenthal Flatbush Catskill
Director of Chai Lifeline's Project CHAI (Chizuk, Healing and Intervention)

Children's Safety for the Future
Dr. David Pelcovitz Listen
Straus Professor of Psychology & Education, Azrieli Graduate School, Yeshiva University

Dr. Faygie Zakheim Listen
NYU Center for Violence and Recovery Co-chair Task Force. For Families & Children at Risk

Coping With the Trauma
Rabbi Yaakov Dovid Klar Listen
Director of Outreach, Chai Lifeline's Project Chai (Chizuk, Healing and Intervention)

Safety After Tragedy
A special message from the NYPD Listen

Question & Answer Session
Catskill Event Listen

Full Event
Flatbush Listen
Boro Park Listen
Catskill Listen

Phone Dial In

Flatbush Event
718-258-2008 x4 x4
Rabbi Moshe Tuviah Lieff, x 4
Dr. Norman Blumenthal x 5
Dr. David Pelcovitz x 6

Boro Park Event
718-258-2008 - x4 x5
Kosover Rebbe, Shlita x 1
Dziboi Rebbe, Shlita x 2
Rabbi Yaakov Dovid Klar x 3
A Message From The NYPD x 4


Rabbi Simcha Scholar
Opening Remarks
Norman Blumethal, Ph.D.
Coping With Tragedy

David Pelcovitz, Ph.D
Children's Safety for the Future

Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff
Divrei Chizuk

Drs. Blumenthal & Pelcovitz

Rabbi Klar

Dziboi Rebbe

Kossover Rebbe

Assistant Chief Joseph Fox


Councilman Elie Katz
Opening Remarks

Yitz Stern & Mayor Mohammed
Hameeduddin Special Message

Message from Teaneck PD
by Police Chief Robert Wilson

Rabbi Dr. David Fox
Coping With Tragedy

Debbie Fox, LCSW, Importance
of Childhood Safety Awareness

Message from Teaneck PD
Chaplain, Rabbi Abe Friedman

Message from Teaneck PD
Detective Eddie Lovano

Rabbi Pinchas Weinberger
Opening Remarks

Question & Answer Session

For additional resources regarding the Boro Park tragedy go to
To contact the Project Chai Crisis Intervention Hotline call 212-699-6646
Or email Dr Norman Blumenthal at

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