Update from 4/20/12 email

Hi Everyone,

Lots of super exciting news to share this week.


For starters, and this is a big one… Due to outside circumstances we started looking for a new hotel for the 2nd night stay (after day 1 of riding). After a tremendous amount of searching, planning, routing and rerouting, we have come up with an all new and very exciting route for Bike 4 Chai 2012. Exact details of the route will be forthcoming within the next few weeks. In the meantime though, here is what we do know. Day 1 will be approx 105 miles. The first 65 miles are the same route as last year,  we then veer more the northeast (instead of northwest like last year) and head up to Suffern NY where we will be staying in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Overall, Day 1 is going to be an easier ride than it was last year. Day 2, however, is still not finalized but I think it is safe to say that it is going to be longer than last year but with all the same hills and maybe even a few more J. Like I said before though, exact details will be forthcoming as we finalize them.

Thank you!

Thank you to Allan Leiberman for arranging a really nice reunion/recruitment meeting in the 5 Towns this past Tuesday evening. Besides for the great steaks and good company, it was great to see how pumped up everyone is starting to get about Bike 4 Chai 2012.


Talking about being pumped up… we have a great new video for you guys to show your friends and get them to join you on this year’s ride. The video was produced by one of our long time riders Psachya Skaist. He put a tremendous amount of time and effort into it and it really shows! Check it out by clicking HERE and then email it to everyone who you know who has ever gotten on a bike (JK).

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Please email me pictures of yourselves when you go on training rides and we will be glad to upload them to our blog with a brief description.


The next 2 recruitment meetings are scheduled for Monday April 23rd in the Meridian offices in NYC and on April 29th at Yossie (Jeff) Levitins’ house in Monsey. You can email me for more details on each of those meetings or if you know anyone who might be interested in hearing more about B4C.

As always, please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or comments!

P.S. We added the topic called Upcoming Rides to our forum. Since the weather is getting warmer and guys are starting to ride outdoors, please post whenever you are going to your next ride so other riders can join you.

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