About Me

My Name: Samara

My Age: Seven years old

My Family: My Dad (Larry) My Mom (Dara) and my brother Justin, he’s nine.

My Hobbies and Interests: Dancing, princesses, writing stories, reading, math, and beading.

One of my most challenging moments: I had surgery in December and was in the hospital for 25 days out of the month. I did get a ton of presents though, and Chai Lifeline counselors came to my hospital room to make carnivals and princess parties.

My favorite Chai Lifeline moment: Sesame Place! Chai Lifeline invited my family to a day out at Sesame Place. We met my Camp Simcha counselor, Carly, who spent the entire day with me and my brother, Justin. I can’t wait for Camp Simcha to start!

What I've been up to lately: I finally finished chemo one month ago! Now that I'm feeling better, I can learn to walk on my new leg so when I get really good at it, I can get a puppy and walk her all on my own

MY DIAGNOSIS Rhabdomyosarcoma

Diagnosed: March 2012
Surgery: October 2012
Hospital: Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia

"We never felt more embraced in our lives, than during this time of loneliness and fear. Chai Lifeline became our new extended family, and throughout the lengthy hospital stays we knew that we were never alone."
Samara, welcome aboard bike4chai! You are a true hero! Thanks for being an inspiration to us all.
Sruli Fried

Samara, You e an inspiration to all, Keep up the fight! I know you will get that puppy real soon and youll RUN with her :) Proud Bike4cahi rider, Yisrael Nemanov

Your courage and perseverance is sure to inspire 300+ riders to climb those hills up to Camp Simcha. -Mindy Tyner

Samara, it is an honor and privilege to know you and your family. Your bright smile even during the toughest times always amazes me. You are an example to all and continue to inspire me every day! Love, Naomi

To my sweetest heart, I love you soooo much and wish you the happiest time at Camp Simcha. I know that Camp Simcha will be a happier place because you will be there. Kisses and warm hugs from your very own Nanny

To my pumpkin, We love you sooo much and can wait to hear all your amazing camp stories. Your spirit and drive inspire me everyday. Love Uncle Jason, Aunt Alli, Cousins Robert and Baby Sarah!

My sweet hero Samara... Im so proud of you. You are so strong and you e doing so well. I can wait to hear all about your adventures at Camp Simcha. Love you so much. Grandpa Alan

Samara, I did a 55 mile bike ride in the hills of the Catskills mountains today. Every time I wanted to give up I thought of you. You are all of the bike 4 chai riders hero!! Yossi Schiff

Samara Have. Wonderful time in camp. Nannys friend Anita

Samara Have. Wonderful time in camp. Nannys friend Anita

Hey Samara, Thank you SO much for telling us about you. Your fight is our fight and your courage inspires us all. Hoping that you have a complete and speedy recovery and an AWESOME time at Camp Simcha! We are riding for YOU! Baruch Cywiak

Samara, You are an amazing and remarkable young woman. I have a daughter your age, and I am sure she could learn a lot from your outlook and experiences. I look forward to meeting you at Camp Simcha! Scott Farrell (one of the Bike for Chai riders)

To my sweet and beautiful Samara, Thinking of you constantly and missing you dearly. Was delighted to see you and spend time with you at Grampas birthday. Hope you have a wonderful time at camp and look forward to seeing you again soon. Refua Shelema -Ari Kendall

Samara- you are an inspiration.. your smile and bright eyes are beautiful. I hope to see you when my husband crosses the finish line at Camp Simcha... wishing you a complete and speedy recovery.. Shani Braun

Samara- you are an inspiration.. your smile and bright eyes are beautiful. I hope to see you when my husband crosses the finish line at Camp Simcha... wishing you a complete and speedy recovery.. Shani Braun

Hello Samara. Your courage and strength inspires all of the bikers that are training and riding for Chai Lifeline. We wish you well. Brian Haimm


Samara, I wish you a speedy full recovery, and only the best for you and your family from now on. Go get that puppy, and make sure we all can see pictures! Your story inspires all of us. Bike4Chaier, Zelig Mandel

Hi Captan! My name is Zac and I am proud to be part of your team.I am going to work hard to do my part to make you proud to be the Captan of this years Bike 4 Chai! See at the starting line.

Samara, your smile gives US so much hope. Arye Adest

We <3 You, little princess! Have a great time at camp! Steffen & Anael

Samara, every mile, every hill, will have more meaning and more importance thanks to you. Our prayers go out to you and to your family, and we can wait to see you as we ALL dance triumphantly at Camp Simcha! 3 Weeks to go!!! -Ari Gunz

Dara, Im Carlys Dad. Samara sounds amazing! Im sure she and Carly will have a great time together in camp. Good luck!! Steve Mayer

Samara you are one of my inspirations . Doing Bike4chai (and raising $) is my way of showing that I care about you and all of the other members of the Chai Lifeline / Camp Simcha family.

We love you, Super Samara!!!! The Ps

Samara - Its people like you that give us strength and inspiration and make our training meaningful. Best regards, Yair Katz

To our delicious Samara, You are super every day and we are always inspired by you. We hope you have the best time ever at Camp Simcha and can wait to see pictures and hear all about it! xo Ilene,Steve and Rachel

Dearest Samara, WOW! Honorary Captain!!! I am so excited that we get to spend two weeks together with such a prestigious girl!!!! Samara there are many cyclists riding up to Camp Simcha, a place of total happiness, in just a few days and you my Sweet Samara are the driving force for so many of them! We are all so proud of you. 18 days to go! YAY!!!! Love, Rivky Schwartz

Samara, you inspire us for every challenge we face. Have a blast in camp. I look forward to seeing more pics of your beautiful face running around at Camp Simcha. We love you!! Mindy, Michael, Steven, Alex and Eric

Keep always your smile!

Dear Samara, Your special soul shines through your radiant smile. May HaShem send you a Refuah Shleima very soon along with the other precious souls that we will be riding for. Mendy Zeiger - Bike4Chai Rider

Dear Samara, Your beautiful smile and unbelievable courage is an inspiration to us all! I hope to meet you at the finish line and cheer on all the riders with you ( my husband will be one of them) Keep on smiling, Suri Schwimmer

Happy puppySamara..how exciting cant wait to meet her and see your beautiful smile .so proud of you ,love you lots.Aunt Lisa

Samara I would like to have a bunch of playdates and I would love to help you walk your puppy. --Morgan Angel your smile is infectious and your strength an inspiration. We hope you have a blast at Camp Simcha! --The Hanley Family

Hi Samara, Im Naomis mom. Im so glad you e feeling better and chosen to be the captain. Have a great time in camp!

Samara, thanks for the smile. Chanas Dad from 3s7 in CHOP back in March

Dear Princess Samara, Hope you feel better and get your puppy soon. Enjoy camp simcha!!! I will pray for you to have a full recovery! -Devorah (NY)

Samara, You are an absolutly beautiful girl. Your strength is an inspiration to me. Keep ur spirits up and may G-D bless you and your family with a long, happy and healthy life! Rebecca

MAy u have a complete recovery Bezrat hashem Mashiach should come now.

my son rode a bike in honor of Camp Chai Lifeline. may you have success The Akselrud family

Samara, it was really nice to meet you at the Bike4Chai, and you gave a really nice speech!!!

Thanks for speaking to us Tuesday. You inspired me. A b4c rider

Samara, I am one of the riders that just completed the most amazing journey of my life with bike4chai. Hearing you speak in the hotel was all the inspiration I needed to complete the ride. You are inspiration to all. You are the true champion! Wishing you a quick recovery and the best of health... and of course, a cute puppy too. William Fried

Samara, thank you very much for inspiring all of the riders when you spoke on Tuesday night. Your strength and courage and envied by all. We look for to seeing you again very soon. Thank you, Brian Haimm

It was nice to meet you samara your were Beautiful and very inspiring girl i think I am renaming your title as honorary princess of bike 4 chai

Samara, I watched your speak on Tuesday evening from the audience as I am a bike4chai rider. I think you did a great job and I was very inspired by your speech. I hope from now on it will all be down hill for the both of us! Good Luck. Yehoshua Brotsky

Samara, it was so nice to hear your speech Tuesday night. You are a very very special girl and your speech gave me a very big boost to push myself up those big hills. Thank you so very much! -Yossi Akselrud

Keep up!! Samara! Your the best<3 Eventhough I dont know you in person I know you are a brave, wonderful, amazing, cute:), beautifulll:) ..... Theres nothing else to say but YOURE #1!!! and a wonderful Princess:) GO SAMARA!!!!!

feel better vrey soon from pinny Hexter


Hi my name is avi Newhouse I was diagnosed with cancer 3 months ago although it is very hard eventually I will get better with gods help. Im really excited for this year because I will be the honarary rider wish u luck

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