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If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an entire community to help parents raising a child with a life-threatening illness or chronic condition. Here's where you'll find a community of information, support, strength, and friendship -- all facilitated by Chai Lifeline, the international children's health support organization.

Mothers’ Programs Offer Needed Respite, Care, Friendship

Dedicated retreats and events help mothers weather the non-stop stress of parenting an ill child.

Dedicated retreats and events help mothers weather the non-stop stress of parenting an ill child.*
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Faye R. was in a constant state of exhaustion. There simply weren’t enough hours in the day to care for a child with a chronic illness. When her daughter Rachel was well enough to go to school, the after-school hours brought an endless round of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Medications and special food requirements took hours to fulfill. Illness meant trips to the doctor or even hospitalization. Rachel’s three siblings needed attention and care, too.

“After a while, I didn’t even have words to describe it anymore,” she lamented. read full story


Paws of Love Helps Children Emerge From Their Shells

Interacting with pets has physical and emotional benefits for children with illnesses.

Interacting with pets has physical and emotional benefits for children with illnesses.*
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In the spring of 2016, Eli was diagnosed with a serious chronic disorder. As the realities of his new life, one where he would be more restricted in his movement, sunk in, he became more withdrawn. Concerned, they confided their worries to their Chai Lifeline West Coast case manager. read full story

Becky is looking forward to her first summer at Camp Simcha.

For Becky and Family, Camp Simcha Awaits

Becky is looking forward to her first summer at Camp Simcha.

Becky is looking forward to her first summer at Camp Simcha.*
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Eight months ago, Becky B. was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, a rare cancer that attacks bone and surrounding tissue. Since then, the 13-year-old’s life has centered around hospitals and painful treatment. The one bright spot has been the support of Chai Lifeline, whose volunteers and professionals have “adopted” the family, filling their lives with light during a very dark period.

This summer, Becky is going to Camp Simcha, Chai Lifeline’s overnight camp adventure for children with cancer and other life-threatening or chronic illnesses and disabilities. She can’t wait, and neither can her family. read full story

Getting Ready

Getting Ready For Camp

The new boardwalk is under construction

The new boardwalk is under construction.

When the snow clears in Glen Spey, and the leaves on trees begin to bud, the Camp Simcha season begins with a rush of activity. Cottages and buildings are cleaned, stocks of supplies are laid for the summer months, and the lawns are reseeded for the summer. read full story



LEVANA™ MEAL REPLACEMENT is available online now at www.levanamealreplacement.com

LEVANA™ MEAL REPLACEMENT is available online now at www.levanamealreplacement.com.

Restaurateur and caterer Levana Kirschenbaum, renowned for her healthy and delicious meal offerings, found herself at a loss when her husband Maurice was in treatment for cancer. His appetite was depressed, and the gourmand was unable to eat. When his physician suggested a commercial meal supplement, Levana looked at the ingredients and felt sick herself. She entered her kitchen and got busy.

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Finding enjoyable outlets -- like Chai Lifeline's Family Camp Adventure-- is one way that parents can refresh their minds and bodies.

6 Ways To Take Care of Yourself When Parenting a Sick Child


From the moment you wake up until the time you rest your head upon your pillow at night, your day is filled with the responsibilities of caring for your sick kid (or sick children!), and their brothers and sisters. Treatment, therapy, medical appointments, or school issues, not to mention the day to day necessities of taking care of a home and making a living. As you haul that last load of laundry up the stairs or fall into bed at night, you find yourself wondering, “When is it time for ME?”
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help your teen with chronic illness become independent and treatment-compliant

5 Steps to Take To Nudge Your Teen With Chronic Illness to Take Responsibility For Her Health

Adolescence is a time when parents of teens with chronic illnesses or medical challenges may want to tear their hair out.

Adolescence is the period where teens need to psychologically move away from their parents and become more independent. Many times, teens will push limits to see how far they can go.
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Parents can take concrete steps to help brothers and sisters thrive despite the illness of a sibling.

Fitting Everyone In: Raising Healthy Siblings When a Child is Ill

When a child is born or diagnosed with a serious illness, brothers and sisters are bound to be impacted. Why do some exhibit signs of stress or depression while others seem to thrive?

Siblings living alongside a child with a chronic illness will experience a jumble of positive and negative reactions. They can feel love and a combination of resentment, embarrassment, guilt, sorrow or fear simultaneously. Without the skills to understand and cope, a child’s self-esteem can suffer. Anger and guilt can turn inward, leading to a sense of shame or worthlessness. Depression, anxiety or somatic symptoms can arise.
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