B4C 2012 Update 2/9/2012

Hi Everyone,

Here is what has been happening in the past week or so:

  • Our website is getting better and better! Our blog/forum feature has been activated. Everyone should have received an email stating that they are registered to be able to comment and post on the Bike 4 Chai Blog and Forum. You can start checking it out by clicking HERE and reading the Coach’s latest training tip about riding indoors or outdoors.
  • 88 registered riders, of which 35 have not yet experienced the extraordinary entrance of Bike 4 Chai into Camp Simcha!
  • Mazel Tov to Elliot Zaks on the birth and Bris of his baby boy Tzvi.
  • Mazel Tov to Dovid Caplan on the birth and Bris of his baby boy Yosef.
  • The B4C 2011 car stickers were mailed out to everyone. Unfortunately, the note that was meant to accompany them was inadvertently left out. Oops. Don’t worry though, the 2012 stickers will be coming soon and we will make sure to include a letter.

Let’s keep the momentum going. Keep speaking to potential riders and make sure to let us know if there is anyone who you feel would benefit from us reaching out to them. If we push now then we will certainly hit our goal of 200 riders and $1,000,000!

As always, please feel free to call or email me with any comments, questions or suggestions.

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