2 Ways to Make Your Bike Faster

2 Ways to Make Your Bike Faster

There is great cycling talent in America. Bike racing here on a professional level is extremely competitive, but why is it that when an American pro goes to Europe, he’s often fighting hard just to stay at the front of the race.

A few years ago, a trainer from a European pro cycling team came to New York and I had the chance to do some fitness testing with him. After my testing, he told me that the American pro racers aren’t on the same level because they all need to be lighter, even as much as 10 pounds.

Dropping some weight is one of the best ways to become a better cyclist. That’s why guys are so obsessed over having a lighter bike. Even just 5 pounds more or less makes a huge difference. But taking 5 pounds off of your bike? That can cost you a few thousand dollars. Taking it off of your body won’t cost you anything but your morning donut.

Here are 2 ways you can drop a few pounds and go uphill like you’ve got a motor on your bike:

Low Carb

We’ve all heard the craze about low carbohydrate diets, but they are not the way you want to lose weight. Carbs are to you what gas is for your car, and you don’t want to get stuck 20 miles from your house with no carbs in your tank. A low carb diet is well known for being extremely low.

That’s not what we’re going for. What we want is lower carbs, because most of us simply go way overboard when it comes to carbs. About 1,000 calories worth is enough to get you in the 50% range of your total calories.

Take your breads, pasta, cookies and ice cream and skim a little off the top. The small cut in calories will add up in the next 5 months.

Track it

If I can give you one thing to do that will guarantee you to lose weight, it’s this. Keep a food journal. This doesn’t have to be a fancy book that you keep on your nightstand. Just write down what you eat and how much of it.

This works in two ways. One, after seeing everything you eat in a day, you’ll be surprised by how much it is and try to curb it. Two, the simple act of writing it down will make you think twice about what you’re about to put into your mouth.

With these 2 strategies in place for the next 5 months you’ll be riding your best Bike4Chai ever. On last year’s ride, Ike Massre, who lost 20 pounds from when he rode into Camp Simcha the first year, rode stronger and faster. Take even 5 pounds off of your body, I guarantee you will feel the jump in horsepower.

If you have any questions on this, please leave it in the comments below. Any questions on other topics can be sent to MarkIzhak@gmail.com

Mark Izhak, RD

Bike4Chai Coach

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