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Read this terrific fundraising email

Read this terrific fundraising email

Hi all

Well, it’s about 7 weeks away from my two-day, 180 mile bike ride for Camp Simcha and my training is getting more serious.  I put in another 45 miles on Sunday and will start to ratchet up the mileage over the next few weeks to prepare for the 109 mile first day.

But, it’s also that time again.  Much of the world pauses to watch the most exhilarating sporting event of all, an event that spans the length and breadth of its host country and lasts through much of the summer.  Yes, on July 5th, the Tour de France begins.  I am stoked.

If you were thinking World Cup, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Sorry, soccer, or football if you prefer, just doesn’t do it for me.  Unlike most Americans who don’t give a hoot about soccer for 47 out of every 48 months, I don’t care about soccer 48 out of 48 months.  I’m just not sure why people would watch a bunch of zero-zero ties settled by shoot outs, but maybe I’m missing something.  I actually think the Simpsons summed it up perfectly.

I view the TDF as the main justification for the existence of France; whether you like the place or not, you have to admit that they sure do put on a good bike race.  And, they don’t have to build a dozen stadiums at a cost of billions of dollars (they only tax you as if they are).  All they need are decent roads and a couple of hundred police barriers.  And a lot of beer.

I recognize that people think watching the TDF is boring.  And I’m not an advocate of watching the first few hours of each day’s race.  But if you understand the strategy (bike racing is the ultimate team sport) and the difficulty of riding about 100 hilly miles a day for 21 days, the last hour of each stage race is very compelling.  Especially if you ride yourself and know how hard it is to climb up a 12%-20% gradient.

But we digress.  The real purpose of this email is to separate you from your money.  But for a very worthy cause.  Chai Lifeline’s Camp Simcha is simply an extraordinary place that you have to witness to believe.  They provide kids and adolescents who are suffering from cancer or chronic diseases with a few weeks of normalcy and unending fun.  Three of my children were privileged to spend a few summers at the camp as counselors and it was a life-changing experience for each of them.

But don’t take my word for it.  Meet Austin.

You can sponsor me by clicking here.  With your help I have already raised over $9,000 on my way to $25K!

Thanks so much for your support.